by Maeby
Sunday February 19 2006 at 09:05AM

by Aven
Sunday February 05 2006 at 04:44PM

Last night, on our second run trip to Blackwing Lair, LUE successfully defeated Razorgore the Untamed. Congratulations to all who attended, next week lets get Vaelastraz the Corrupt too.

(If someone has a better picture, send it to me or attach it in a comment and I'll replace this one)

by Thara
Saturday January 28 2006 at 08:18PM

Currently we have a test Ventrilo server up. This next month is a test month to see if we actually use it as a tool or just some where to sit and bullshit. If it turns out that people just want to hang around and talk rather than use it for small parties, PvP, and raid instances, then there is not point in wasting money it. I don?t mind if we sit around and b/s, but I?d like to see us get more out of using Ventrilo.

You can obtain the client files from the LUE website by going to Files, and then Other. If you have problems obtaining them from our website then try .

Please encourage your guild mates to DL the client and use the server. Try using it to organize your group in PvP and small instances. The raid leaders will try to incorporate in into the next month worth of raiding to see if it helps make things be faster and more smoothly in a raid.

You don't need a mic to join ventrilo!! So don't feel discouraged from joining. Just edit you comment to say "No mic".

Guide to setting up Ventrilo!!!!

by Aven
Saturday January 14 2006 at 08:57AM
by IceNymph
Monday December 12 2005 at 05:53PM

Season's Greetings! :)