by IceNymph
Saturday May 20 2006 at 05:21AM

Almost a year ago, two gnomes and a balding old man, filled with vaguely grand visions of glory and dragonslaying :D, took the helm of a joint venture called the Little Urban Elites....

It's been a hell of a year :)... We've said goodbye to a few very important people, even as we have welcomed new LUE's to the family. We've seen our share of tough times, and learned to work through them as the unified team that we've become. Through all of it, no matter how hard it has gotten, I have never stopped believing in the LUE that we first created -- the guild that will never forget that WoW will always be about the people first. How could I possibly forget, when everyday, you guys remind me of a thousand reasons that all the sleepless nights and annoyed moments are worth it? When you guys chose to believe in my leadership after you saw me break and fail?

So tonight, as we are coming off one of our best victories to date, I just wanted to say "Thank you" to every single one of the members...for your belief in my judgement, your loyalty to everything that LUE represents, and your hard work and sacrifice in getting us to this point. I love you all :)

Yet, as always, we save the best for last. :) This night would never have been possible without the guidance and... absolutely amazing dedication of Proeliator -- our raid leader, main tank, and "person who keeps Ice sane." Thanks Johnnypoo -- for being the best friend a girl could have :) and the best Renaissance man that a guild could ask for.

Further Thank-You's (If I leave anyone out...I swear, I'm just too sappy and elated right now)

Oki - For being the "Voice of Reason" through everything that we have ever gone through; you have given the role of "The Oki" a truly amazing definition. Adj & Aocookie - For being the awesome dps/comic relief/"your momma"-ing people out there :D The rest of the officers - For the support you guys have so willingly shown. Banther - For being LUE's rock-solid tank...You were there with us in spirit :D TehNatural - For an awesome job tanking tonight. Bluemist - For taking a chance on us then and now :) A - For bringing me back to something I cared about so much.


by Thara
Saturday May 13 2006 at 01:21AM

by IceNymph
Saturday April 29 2006 at 07:47AM

...and LUE is officially back to form, after a few weeks of lackluster raid numbers and losing some beloved members to this "real life" phenomenon. After my extended hiatus, I can wholeheartedly say that it feels darned good to be back :D, in so many ways. Thank you, LUE, for still trusting in my leadership, and thank you, Proeliator, for being the best damn MT and Raid Leader (and best friend :D) possible.

Congratulations everyone!

<3, Ice

by Aven
Monday April 17 2006 at 04:31PM

I know we dropped Firemaw before, but nobody took a picture. Here it is.

by IceNymph
Monday March 06 2006 at 04:10AM

:) Congratulations. To further progress in BWL!

<3, Ice