posted on
07/19/05 13:17:35

Hello, just stoping by to say hi, I am a new member and so far i really like the guild.

Im a 54 (Atm) SnD Rogue, PvE build. Hoping to get some more high level instance experance and go you runs with you guys, i did a run with Valor in LBRS, i faired ok switching between #2 Dmg giver and #5, i ended at number 3, ranking with the level 60's (yay me :D ) Sadly i really didnt like Valor... at the site of an Epic drop everybody Screamed "FFA" and rolled on an items a few people could have used ~ Not to mention for a 10 man Raid with 3 healers, FULL of lv 60's in LBRS we wiped about 3 time's : \

So i am very glad to be here, i have heard nothing but great things about this guild from guildmate's i have come to know a bit. I really hope that I can get the help i need in this guild, and that i can give that help back in the future.

~ Rakie.

85 Night Elf Hunter
85 Night Elf Druid
85 Dwarf Shaman
65 Worgen Rogue
posted on
07/19/05 14:01:12

Welcome to the guild Rakie. Don't be too concerned about some of the posts floating around here, some of us are just trying to define the guild and get more organized. In some ways it could look like dissent or mutany, but it's not. We're a relatively drama-free guild.

posted on
07/19/05 16:32:30

Hehe, thank ya much!

IM not worried about these posts, IME people say things in forums they wouldnt say in the game ~

Beside's i really like it soo far, just sux i cant play for another 2 and a half hours. I didnt sleep again : \

60 Night Elf Priest
posted on
07/19/05 21:46:08

Welcome =D

posted on
07/20/05 08:09:40

Hi! :D

Good to see you new members joining, especially rogues :) I'll look forward to seeing you around Azeroth as Isanth/Shalar.