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07/30/08 16:59:53
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07/30/08 17:00:21

This forum uses Markdown for posts and such. I thought I would throw together a quick primer to make it easier on people who are used to bbCode.

To create a link, type [My Link](http://www.mylink.com "My Title"), a lot of that information is optional, but you need to have at least [My Link](http://www.mylink.com) for it to work.

To create an image tag, type ![Alt Text](http://www.myimage.com/image.png). It's very similar to a link, but with an exclamation point (!) in front of it. Due to the strict syntax requirement, you must have something in the Alt Text portion.

Bold is **bold** or __bold__, italicized, or emphasis is similar with *emphasize* or _emphasize_.

A list must start on a new line and have a dash (-), plus (+), or asterisk (*) followed by at least one space. If you want the list to be numbered, you would use 1. or a. instead of the previously mentioned characters.

Code Blocks and Blockquotes:
Do strip formatting for an inline code block use a single tick (`) at the beginning and the end of your block. Do do it as a paragraph, you need to start the line with a right angle bracket (>) and at least 3 spaces.

Paragraphs and Line Endings:
Okay, the thing that frustrated me the most, if you write a line and you want it to be a hard carriage return (ie, don't flow into the current line) you must put at least 2 spaces at the end of the line before you press return. If you do that it won't bunch them together. If you add two carriage returns it will make a new paragraph.

This isn't the most well written (or even well formatted) posts ever, but something is better than nothing.