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07/11/05 23:08:38

I've heard that some people believe our guild is dead =(.. This is sad to hear and when I asked some of the reasons people said members were leaving, we can't do MC by ourselves, and i'm not on ever...

In response to some of those questions I think the majority of people who left Elites left Wow as well... I blame blizzard for that one =p. As for us being a raid guild that does MC, I honestly don't see that happening.. At least not by ourselves. I deem Elites as a guild with good people in it. Its hard to find good people, thats why our numbers are low. If you want a guild that lets EVERYONE in, go join LL!

As for me being gone so much, I moved and have a new job that takes up a majority of my day. I do my best to log on everyday to see what is going on... Some suggest that I give up being guild leader.. If you do not see me fit for the job due to my absense... Who do you see fit to lead our guild? I have two people in mind, but one would say no. I am doing my best make sure things run ok =D! Since I am not on as much as i'd like to be, I make Oki Co-Guild Leader of the Elites to help make sure things go ok when I am not able to be on.

Please let me know what you guys think... If our guild really is dead, what do you suggest we do to revive it?

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posted on
07/12/05 01:04:57

I'm somewhat unhappy most of the time due to attendance. This isn't entirely the guild's fault; being on the east coast I'm usually logging off as everyone else is logging in, but until recently (when we've been trying to pull together for big raids) everyone was off doing their own thing and guild runs were few and far between from my perspective.

Maybe I just didn't talk enough in guild chat, but it seems like there are defined cliques in our guild. I joined the guild in my low 20s and I can count the number of times I was invited along for an instance or a quest on one hand. Until, of course, I got near 60. Then I became somewhat useful, but I still don't feel very wanted.

I won't sneak around about it, I have been looking at other guilds lately. While I do like most of the people in our guild, and think that we have some of the best players and people that play WoW, it doesn't seem like there's any kind of direction in the guild. Half of the people are pushing towards end-game raid content while the other half are pushing towards PvP ranks. I personally have no interest in PvP, I played UO for about 3 years and I'm PvP'd out in the MMORPG arena. It's why I chose to play on a PvE (Normal) server.

I'm not leaving yet, and I don't want to be coddled or treated differently because I'm considering it. It's difficult, because I really like you guys, it just feels like nobody really gives a flying shit about me.

In any case, that's where I stand on the issue.

posted on
07/12/05 10:56:11

For what its worth ...... I think the group of players in Elites are simply awesome (except for Grav and sexy gnome Dark!? :p) I'm sure there are other guilds around like us with neat players but for me Elites feels like home and no matter what transpires it will always be a place to chill out with friends and morons. I truly enjoy the guild chat, others sense of humour or lack of (X), and just plain sillyness!?

For me I find having a balance of Guild time and soloing quite refreshing. For the past few months I have struggled to keep the enthusiasm playing Wow especially when I need to spend long hours in the Blackrock Mountains, MC etc to get through an instance. Therefore I haven't played Gasgob that much, instead I have spent more time with a couple of my other characters at lower levels enjoying myself that way. I decided not to sigh into any guilds, instead choosing to bounce around meeting new players while I quest. Also of late I have spent more time watching DVD's, playing some Battlefield2, catching up on some gardening after 6 months or more of neglect!? and now I have more of that feeling I first felt when I started playing WoW.

So summoning up this moronic blurp ... Elites Rock and have lots of positives (except Grav & Dark!?) and I lub you all!? :shock:


p.s. Darkwingd and Gravis are just two new friendships that I really value that grew through our evolvement in Elites! For that I am grateful, I think. :wink:

posted on
07/14/05 04:08:04

Personally the only reason that i am in this guild is b/c my stupid BRO... (freddy) suggested i switch from myother server and join you guys... for the most part it has been hella fun.. i know most of your personally and i enjoy bsing with you most of the time... except tj.. cause he pushes the whole tieing shoes thing a tad far sometimes.. I personally would rather be in the elites than any other.. Granted i would love to be able to do hi end instances like MC and BWL but i dont have the time.. i am VERY busy with the GF half the day and then at night i am usually at school.. granted i am one of the few peeps who really cherish GANKING kids in PVP( i am making a new build and will need the guilds help to get a lot of the items..) so for the most part i am not really into most instances.. granted i have been known to be one of the most generous ppl in the guild about helping and givin things.. but i do realise that i play my alts a lot. and am not always available but hey just ask and for aven.. you are a cool guy and i enjoyed racing you to 60 but i am sorry for not really doing anything with ya but i am VERY selfish when it comes to other hunter things.. and very jealous when others( mainly GRAVIS) get all teh fun toys.. i still firmly believe i can beat almost any hunter in teh game.. except azuroth (bitch has too much pvp gear and has 1k more life then i do ) so that is why i am kind of docile when dealing with hunters... i personally have sed many times i want to expand the guild i think i should be able to invite ppl.. i think i am the only person that has a decent mindframe on how to innvite good ppl.. i have sed many times that we should run with them a few times to see if they are worthy of being elite. i have 7 alts in the guild at multiple lvls i think that gives me a nice ranged of the lvls that i can run with t see how they work.. i personally think we shouldnt be inviting ANYONE"S alt that isnt in the guild.. they wont spend dick for time with us.:P for the most part i like how the guild is and i think that we do need to do more hi end stuff but we need to find a guild wiloling to let us come along.. and not LUA.. they dont go enough.. i have been told to ask hoss if we can go with.. but i dont really trust em..( not sure who is in hoss) and i dont want them using their GAY DPK system! for the most part i am just happy to be in a guild where i can BS with everyone and have a good time.. ABOUT the whole changin my build the only thing i am doing is giving up a lot of agi for HOPEFULLY the ability to have a pimp arcane shot which i have looked up all the pieces i want and have a list at my house of all the things i want and where they drop. 1 thing i know for sure i need to do a LOT of tribute runs.. ok well hopefully you guys can help me with that thx

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07/15/05 04:54:28

Hello fellow Elites!,

I thought I would stop by and sum up my thoughts about WoW during the last few weeks.

Elites was the second guild I joined and it has sure worked out a lot better for me than 'The Daily Grind' -- a guild who booted me on the first day for rolling on some mail armor because someone who had been in the guild for a day longer (and had ability to kick members) wanted it.

I think highly of everyone in this guild. There are some amazing players in Elites and I'm glad to have the privillege of grouping with all of you.

The thing that's been on my mind lately is end game raiding. It's something I'd like to make a serious go of at some point. While I have enjoyed cruising to MC with elites/lua/other guilds, I'm not sure how much longer that will keep happening, or whether it'll get any more successful. Raiding with a semi-pickup group always seems to be a struggle and wiping on those same imps near Lucifron every time does get frustrating.

So that's basically my dilemma, and I'm sure it's shared by others. It feels like one of the only options for hitting the end game instances in a serious way is to join a raiding guild. But then, maybe I'd be better off cutting down my time playing rather than increasing it :)

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

See you all in game!

posted on
07/15/05 18:53:59

ya well i havent been in this guild for as long as u guys have (i think like 2 months) but its been really fun and u guys are cool people.

However i agree with Gravis in that we NEED to get going with MC because i really want to experience the endgame. Many are trying to join people like Evolve but they seem like more of a loot guild rather than a tightly knit group of friends. I dont really even care bout the loot in MC; i just want to experience the bosses in MC.

Whether recruiting more people or doing joint guild raids with LUA and B&C i would just like to see us get through MC. I just want to see something set up where in the very least we would attempt MC once a week.


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posted on
07/17/05 12:35:22

LUA seems to be fading more than our guild has been, maybe we could lure a few of them over here, or possibly the whole damn guild. I have found my stay in the guild so far to be somewhat useful, I know if I left I would probably be forgotten. I hope that we can absorb some more talented players, and maybe do some more 4man instance runs (which involves dragging Oki along constantly :) ). We need to start scheduling instance runs, I'm tired of hearing people setting up runs and not getting anywhere, or waiting around for people to get out of instances, or online to go run somewhere. Let's hurry up and get someone to organize this mess of places we still need to go to. I know many people are still after the UBRS key and a few are probably still looking for the onyxia key.

posted on
07/19/05 13:48:24

I suppose I shall throw my two cents into the pile... Firstly let me say that this guild and the people in it keep me interested and entertained enough to continue playing wow. Without all of you life for this warrior would be very dull. :) But the problem concerning our guild is not one of quality players, it is organization and expectations. This guild was created almost as a joke some time ago when thara watched hackers 2 or 3 times too many. At that time it was a motely assortment of RL friends who mainly used it as an alternative to createing our own channel. We were young and carefree, never dreaming of setting a foot inside MC or even Blackrock mountain. As we played we noticed others who shared our passion for strangeness and humor, and they were swiftly brought into our folds. And so we grew from a small group of friends into an actual guild. :) And this is where our problem begins. Because of our strange begining we have very little organization. In the beginning it didnt matter so much, as people were getting a feel for the game, but now it does. We see other guilds running MC and ONY succesfully and realize that we dont have the manpower or the organization to get forty level sixties together every week. It is this coupled with alot of our memebers drifting away from WoW (Thara included) which leaves us in our current state.

How to remedy this problem I cannot say. I don't think in our current condition we can satisfy those who wish to experience the higher end content. That is unless we can merge with another guild or if we somehow manage to recruit 20-30 more level sixties soon (This is not to be discounted, I have seen Oki manage crazier things :P). It will be sad to see them leave, but I wouldn't want them to stay here if they weren't enjoying WoW because of it.

Either way I feel a change rippleing through the Elites. And before It's to late I would like to say it has been a great run with all of you, and I hope to see you all around Ironforge sometime counting tiles. Sorry this post got so long and rambly, but I hope it almost explains how I feel. :wink:

posted on
07/20/05 21:11:36

Hi all,

It has been awhile since I've posted a comment or even logged into WoW. Just the other night I logged in and seen a few players I've enjoyed talking to. Darkwingd, my beloved father and nurturer. I am just kidding btw... HE IS NOT MY REAL FATHER! I also enjoyed playing with Dim who is obsessed with Letsnuke now and how he likes to relish the fact that he has 3 magister set pieces for his mage and the spell to conjure the end game water. Dim if your reading this you know I enjoy your company.

With all that said, let me get back to the point. I recently stop playing WoW because I was starting to feel like there was no point in playing. I would waste like 2 hours of my life, by just waiting to join a group to do an instance. The sad thing is I never get to do much with the guild. I totally agree with Dancin on the issue of wanting to be invited more often to do things with the guild. I know a few times I may have asked a few of you to do some instances. However, most of you are already doing something or you ignore my chat message. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy being in this guild because of the camaraderie. It wasn't just about playing the game, it was also about being social. For example, I would talk to Dimitrious as if he was a long time friend of mine. So even though I haven't seen your face in person, I still feel like I am making new friends.

I appreciate what Aven is doing in resuscitating this guild. I like how the website is being revamped in some way. I know that a lot of you feel that this guild needs to do end game content and that we may need to recruit more level 60s. I think that before we actually recruit anymore, we should repair the relationships amongst ourselves. With this I mean, partying with someone different each time you play. I believe there was an issue concerning about certain players always in the same clique and doing instances. And like Dancin, I feel left out at times. The more we do as a guild, the more we can advertise our guild to others and how great it is to join Elites because of the fact that we all help each other. I mean thats why I joined a guild in order to minimalized wait times in forming parties and among other reasons.

I apologize for this long post. I am just trying to catch up where I left off. BTW i posted a wish list somewhere. Was it erased? oh well...hehe...

Kona - Worthless Lvl 60 rogue. (Stole that from Thara the worthless priest). lol

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posted on
07/24/05 12:56:28

First and foremost.... Kona, /bow :D

Secondly, I second what has been spammed on this page. Need I say more.

(gasp 5am, fck me - bed time!)