posted on
06/09/05 20:47:41

Whew its been a long time since I posted something... Anyway, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a Wish List. I am not sure where I've seen this but we should make some type of Wish List for our characters. For example, heres my Wish List:

  1. SC Spaulders
  2. SC Leggings
  3. SC Vest
  4. Daggers or Dal'rend swords from General Drakkisath

So for the coming weeks we would form raid parties within our guild or with other players we trust to the instances in which your Wish List Item is located and try as we can to get it for you. Now I am not saying we will get all the items for one particular character in our guild. I am saying that we should honor at least one item from the list per week for each of our characters. I am sure everyone has something they need in all the instances.

I guess the purpose is to create a better bond between guildmates and to do more activities within the guild. Yes I know, Andie plans all the raids but I just wanted to add another purpose on top of the raid. I am open to comments or suggestions. See you guys in game and waiting in line for battlegrounds.


posted on
07/05/05 17:57:54

hmm wish list huh??? .. 1( FULL dragonstalker set!!! ..

... ok ill be serious...:P

1) BS helm/dreadmist helm ( scholo end boss)( i want both ) 2) BS gloves ( lbrs )(got them) 3) my blackhands breath ( need to go kill drakk in UBRS) 4) my onyxia key ( need to do jailbreak.. the drakk again ) 5) My sexy epic hunter bow with 166 top end damage( need to stay on target.. wishing too big :) 6) some epic MC stuff