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Here are some helpfull tips for end game instances

Onyxia http://pacifistguild.org/onyxia/

Molten Core http://conquest.teamgbu.com/strats/moltencore/why.php

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The guide for the MC raid is not complete but there are videos of them killing the boss in MC.

ALso you will need to have 8 guild members do this in order to summon MajorDomo, the 9th boss in MC

I know your guild is no whare near clsoe to even getting half way to him in MC but in order to summon him when you do requires that 8 people in the raid have completed an epic quest line. This quest chain takes mounts to complete or weeks if your really obsessed. Due to the length of it you need to get some people on it so that when the time comes you will be abel to summon MajorDomo.

The quest chain starts off of an NPC located here http://i7.thottbot.com/m/b/134217.jpg

He will give you two quests, Poisoned Water and Stormers and Rumblers, these two quests are very easy and take 30-45 min each and can be done by a lvl 55+.

Next he will give you the quest Eye of the Emberseer, this quest is also easy, just go kill the first boss in UBRS( can be done in a raid)

Next he will give you the quest The Molten Core, this quest requires you to kill a Molten Giant , Lava Surger, Ancient Core Hound, Firelord. These are 4 trash mobs in MC you will find on your way to Lucy, another easy quest.

Next he will give you the quest Agent of Hyraxis . This is whare the chain gets long and hard. To complete this quest you must gain honored status with Hydraxis water lords. Even after doing all the quest up to this point you will still be half way though neutral. There are 4 ways to gain rep with them.

  1. Kill the mobs you killed in one of the first quest in EPL ( to gain rep from these mobs you must still have the item you used on them in the quest and use it before killing them). I did not gain rep this way since it takes more time to deal with using the item.

  2. Kill the mobs you had to kill in one of the first 2 quests in Silithus. This is one of the main ways I gained rep. Since the horde were never there to bother me and after spending 4 weeks there killing 2500 wind elemtels i got enough essence of air to get evreything i needed for my epic mount with 400G left to spare. ( I farmed these things just a few days after the patch that made mobs in Silithus start droping loot , now people are well aware of the money making opertunitys here and with the honor system out this place has become a pvp area making farming near imposibble)

Both methods 1 and 2 will only take you half way though frendly and they have both become very defficalte due to the honor system. But if you want to do this quest faster they really help.

  1. Killing the first boss in UBRS ( the fire guy, i dont remmber his name) will gain some rep. The amount of rep gained is equel to one mob kill in the methods 1 and 2 so farming this guy is not a good way. However you can gain rep with him all the way to honored.

  2. Killing any of the mobs that you had to kill in the quest The Molten Core will give you rep. This is one of the easist ways to gain rep since each kill gives you a large amount of rep. If you were to do a MC run that went all they way to wahre MajorDomo spawn you would gain 1/6 of the rep needed. Most runs dont make it that far and no runs make it that far in one day. So far our guild has been doing Lucy runs and those will only get you about 1/30 of the way. I have done 14 of these runs and I am not yet honored but the next 2 or 3 runs will push me over. ( I started half way though frendly when gaining rep though MC )

EDIT ( I did not have time to finish before )

After you compete that quest he will give you the quest Hands of the Enemy, to complete this quest you must bring him Hand of Shazzrah, Hand of Sulfuron, Hand of Gehennas, and the Hand of Lucifron. All of these drop off of the named boss that the hands belong to in MC. I beleave that the hands drop for any one with the quest and there is no need to roll on them, I am not sure of this though.

After that he will give you the quest A Hero's Reward, this quest is easy. Just talk to him after reciving it and pick your reward. http://www.thottbot.com/?i=35573 or http://www.thottbot.com/?i=35685 Im sure you will see that these items are no whare near worth the effort, in fact they are complete crap and you can get rings that drop in strat or DM that our better. According to blizz this chain is still not finished and later it will have more and end with better rewards but nothing more has been said.

P.S. This is all Scott's fault, and they are really the Burning Stepples!!!!![/url]

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Apparntly quests are ment to continue onto slithus :)