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04/13/11 04:56:33

So what are your must have (or gotta have it to waste time) apps for your android?

I had a fun night with my new phone and I was surprised how I picked up the keyboard pretty quickly. I was really worried about it and after a few hours of texting my friend I got it down. Loving it so far but there is a lot of things to do on it. I signed into Google and it exploded my contact list to include every friggin email contact I had...that was a bit annoying but I'll get that figured out,,,I am sure there is an app for that too.

And I'm trolling... :)

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posted on
04/13/11 06:52:45

gosh I dunno. I just bought an iphone and it is <33333

I'm sure android probably has some of the same apps?

a link about making a switch from iphone -> android

this site says 8 must have apps between both phones

^ I don't twitter =/ or watch movies often so this didn't help me too much

but for me personally, apps I'm using on my iphone and hopefully you'll find them for your own type of phone

  • blizzard authenticator (pretty self explanatory; use for logging into wow)
  • facebook (my prime choice for social networking site)
  • pandora ( when I want to listen to music on the go and eat through my dataplan!)
  • kotoba! ( English - Japanese Dictionary for emailing the TOKYO U students)
  • Shazam ( Kil showed me this one; tap it while you're around a song you don't know, it will identify the song by lyrics/melody) * and it's worked every time for me!
  • Hipstamatic ($1.99 camera app to make all your iphone pictures look so freakin' hipster :D you could photoshop PBRs into people's hands)
  • Compass (? you never know?)
  • Red Laser (you can scan bar codes and find out real retail prices)
  • Weather Channel ( Iphone has a built in one, but sometimes I like to look for more precise weather changes esp when I walk to campus)
  • Flash Cards (for studying Japanese vocabulary)
  • photobucket ( so I can directly upload pictures from my iphone to photobucket and post link)
  • LoseIT - (keep track of foods I'm eating so I don't go over calorie count for my diet)

Games - Unblock me ( puzzle game, move blocks around to free red block) - Falldown ( pretty refinish of the old fall down game) - BubbleFree ( who doesn't love the sound of popping plastic wrap?) - iBlowFish ( pretty silly game where you tap a fish and try to fill up the ocean)

Hope this helps you in your search for cool apps!

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posted on
04/13/11 08:56:33
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04/13/11 09:04:56

Here's what I've got that I like that stand out:


  • Amazon App store (assuming you're not on AT&T). I absolutely love the free app of the day

  • Amazon Kindle app

  • Amazon MP3 (if you use their cloud drive thing)

  • Barcode Scanner (you'll need it for QR codes)

  • Business Calendar (best calendar replacement)

  • DCSwitch (being able to turn off your data if needed)

  • AppBrain market with Fast Web installer (great for redownloading mass amounts of apps if you have to wipe the phone)

  • Any flashlight app that uses the camera LED (Though you don't want to use it too much and burn out the bulb)

  • GPS Status

  • Handcent (good text message replacement app)

  • Home Switcher (if you use a custom launcher)

  • Miren Browser: I still like the stock browser, but this one is a nice alternative

  • Pandora

  • Ringdroid (great for making ringtones)

  • Swiftkey (alternate keyboard)

  • TuneIn Radio

  • WiFi Analyzer

  • Winamp


  • ADW Launcher. I like how close to stock it is.


  • 250+ Solitaire collection (best solitaire game i've found)

  • Angry birds (all 3 varieties)

  • Kongregate Arcade (flash games on the phone)

  • Dungeon Defenders

  • Fruit Ninja

  • HexDefense

  • Humans vs. Aliens (plants vs. zombies clone)

  • Words with Friends-


"The world is a diaper, so let someone else change it."

I know your $14.99 entitles you to play the game your way, but the rest of the raid's $359.76 says know your role.

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posted on
04/13/11 09:18:01
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04/13/11 09:19:21

These apps do not require root.
Barcode Scanner - You can scan barcodes to look up pricing info, but this is mostly (for me anyway) used to scan QR codes you sometimes see on websites.

Adobe Flash - Do you really need a description?

Adobe PDF Reader - Really?

Pulse News Reader - One of the nicer RSS news readers.

Launcher Pro - This is probably the most popular home replacement. It's very fast and feature filled. And yes, you can make it look like stock.

Game Dev Story - Video game addiction.

These apps require root access.
Ad Free - Blocks ads via your hosts file.

AutoKiller Memory Optimizer - Despite the name, you don't use this to auto kill apps (but you can). This tweaks the way Android handles it's memory with multiple presets. It can speed up your phone and extend battery life.

Cachemate - Easily clear your cache which can start to eat up space after long periods of time.

ROM Manager - Checks for updates to your custom roms, and can perform the updates for you. In addition it can back-up and restore your ROM.

SD Maid - Some apps store data to your SD card and they don't always clean up when you uninstall. This gets rid of the garbage.

SetCPU - This allows you overclock/underclock your cpu if you wish. The great thing about this is the profile system. For example, I have mine set to underclock my cpu to just over 200MHz when the screen is turned off (normally the cpu is 1ghz). It really extends your battery if set up properly.