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posted on
04/11/11 21:22:50
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04/11/11 21:25:33

So I have an acquaintance that has a forum running in phpBB. He was given the site to maintain with little to no instruction. I don't know much at this point but I need some help and a crash course on how to set up a forum in phpBB. I have helped maintain a forum and website in php before but I have never created one out of thin air or have much a clue on how to do it.

What I would like to do is create a replica of his forum so I can learn by dinking around with it, do it somewhere that I can change things and not worry about screwing up the real site. The main issue I need to do is figure out some forums controls.

I am sure that I get some free webspace with my internet package as I suppose I will need that... I suppose that I need to get a copy of his database files to be able to do this right? I don't need this to be public so would I wouldn't need to have a hosting company involved would I?

Another option would be to have him make me an admin but I am not sure he knows how to do that either.

Well any help or direction to a good tutorial would be helpful... thanks guys.

And I'm trolling... :)

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posted on
04/12/11 01:14:06

Myself I would mess around with it on my local machine rather than a remote host. If you're running windows I'd install WAMP and go from there. I've never used phpBB myself , but from the looks of it, you wouldn't necessarily need to write much if any php. More likely you'd be modifying snippets of HTML and css and perhaps changing a string or two in some of the files.

Unfortunely I can't give a lot of advice on how to run wamp since I use linux for my development platform. Best of luck.

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posted on
04/12/11 08:51:16

While it has been a while since I've used phpBB I don't recall it being too terrible to install. The issue with the free web space that your ISP gives you is that it probably doesn't have server-side scripting support and only supports flat HTML pages. This means your .php files that contain code would just be like any other document and it wouldn't execute.

Like Aeterris said, getting some kind of *AMP stack (OS/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and toss your files in there. Unfortunately if they're using a database server (and they probably are) you'd be better off doing a backup of the database and then restoring it on your machine.

As for customizations, they're typically in the themes folders. While they do have some PHP in them (for tokens and such), they're mostly HTML.