posted on
07/26/05 04:02:52

I would like to SUggest a lot of DM tribute runs for later this week... My 'dream team' is gonna be....

Myself - Dancinspirit OKI- Bohle- Shalar/Isanth(whoever he wants to bring) Nyx(if Josh brings shalar)

If Isanth comes along.. and nyx does not my 5th member will be Freddy or Dim if they want.:P

JUST SO everyone knows.. I will be rolling on ALL items that state....

INCREASES Damage and Healing on magic abilities

Just so ya know.. THX guys..


I would also like to do DM east and west.. but ANY or ALL will be appreciated.. thx guys

This will all happen after i egt my new debit card and i can play agian :P