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11/18/09 21:38:23
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Little Urban Elites Code of Conduct

Treat other players with respect and courtesy.

  • Always try to present LUE to the community in a positive light. This includes conducting yourself in a respectful and polite manner in all public channels (realm forums, general chat, etc) as well as in PUGs.

  • Try to stay respectful and politically correct in chat and on Ventrilo. LUE is a diverse guild with players of all races, ages, and sexual orientations. Though we are not strictly controlling of what is said in guild/raid chat, we ask that you refrain from overly offensive speech, religious and political discussions, and other controversial topics.

  • If you have a problem with a guild member, approach them about it in a civil fashion and explain your side of the situation politely and reasonably. Please contact an officer if you don't feel comfortable confronting the person. Officers do take problems seriously and will address them appropriately. Misconduct is handled by officers on a case-by-case basis, and disciplinary action can include removal from raids, DKP penalties, or removal from the guild.

  • We ask that you leave the guild before applying elsewhere. Please discuss your decision with an officer before leaving the guild for any reason.


We want Little Urban Elites to be a fun, friendly environment, and we believe that communication between our members is very important. For the purposes of planning, raid scheduling, and community development, we require all members to create a forum account and familiarize themselves with these rules. Raiders are expected to post a message in the "On a Break" section of the forum when they need to miss a scheduled raid for any reason.


  • Raiders

All raider recruits will observe a trial period. Recruits will be chosen for trial runs by their role officers as we require that class or build. During the trial period, LUE members are encouraged to share their feedback on the recruit's gameplay and attitude. At the conclusion of the trial period the officers will make the decision on whether or not the recruit will be promoted to Raider status.

  • Members

We ask that all members be semi-active players. While we encourage our guildmates to step away from the computer and embrace real-life, we'd also like to you be able to play actively enough to help out others and enjoy the game. We expect you to have a friendly attitude and follow the rules and guidelines listed in this post.


Raid Times (all times are in server time, US Pacific Time Zone)

Invites begin at 6:00PM with the raid officially starting at 6:30PM. If you arrive between 6:00PM and 6:30PM you will not be penalized for being late, but you are in danger of losing your spot to someone who was more punctual.


We use an EP/GP system to determine who has priority on the next piece of loot. Typically we will have the raid on Master Looter, but if not we ask that everyone passes and rolls afterward to determine interest. You are not required to know the intricacies of the system and are welcome to /roll on anything you want, the raiding officers will then determine who is at the top of the list and distribute the loot. More details about out implementation of the system are available here.

Loot Priority

Besides the loot distribution system, we also have priorities based on other criteria:

  1. Full-Time Raider
  2. Trial Raider / Back-Up Raider
  3. Regular Member
  4. offspec

Additional Information

  • Fury warriors will have their 2H weapons at half the cost. This is done so fury warriors aren't penalized by having to spend as double GP as a rogue for 2 weapons for a similar level of dps.
  • Hunters get full priority on ranged weapons. If you're a rogue or warrior, roll for them if it's an upgrade but if a hunter rolls for an upgrade, the hunter gets it.
  • Melee classes will have full priority over hunters for melee weapons. This is because melee classes get a more direct effect from melee weapons than hunters.
  • Dual Specs: People will get gear based on their main spec for the raid. The alternate spec is considered offspec.


After a raid has been filled a message will be sent in the Guild channel for those who would like to be on standby to contact the officer doing attendance. Standby raiders acquire 100% of the EP awarded to active raiders for being available to fill in if someone needs to leave the raid. You're welcome to be on your main or an alt at this time, but if you are called on and are unavailable you will lose all accrued standby EP for that night.

Late Arrivals

If you are late to the raid and would like to be on standby, send a message to the officer doing attendance if you would like to be added. It is your responsibility to get yourself added to the list, as it will only be announced once when the raid is starting.

Raid Conduct

  • Instructions and assignments are given by the Raid Leader and Role Officers over Vent and in the role chat channels. If you are not an Officer or Role Leader you should not tell other raid members what to do.

  • Raiders are required to be on Ventrilo and in the appropriate role chat channels during raid.

  • The Raid Leader chooses the strategies used for the raids, and these are not up for discussion during the raid. If you have an idea or suggestion you should talk with your Role Leader or discuss it in the Raid forum after the raid.

  • Communications on Vent should be kept short and pertinent during raid attempts.

  • Misconduct during raids (Vent abuse, leaving early without notice, fighting with other raiders) may lead to disciplinary action, including DKP penalties, removal from the raid and/or change in guild rank at the discretion of the officers.